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Now you may be asking yourself, did it take three years to come up with a blog. No, that has been happening for years, it was the photo idea coming to life that took three years. Really, it took longer than that.

About four years ago, our paths crossed with a young member of the McMaster Marauder Football team. The gentleman was working volleyball and basketball games as security in the Burridge Gym. We joked, we had some laughs, we mocked eachother, we had fun.

Eventually we started talking about a number of photo ideas that we could execute. As always happen, time passed, we were busy and it never really came to be.

Last fall, I thought the opportunity to work with Mr. Sterling as he looked to have finished his career at McMaster. Due to a number of unfortunate circumstances, Mr. Sterling returned to Mac in the fall of 2016.

Knowing that it was a last chance and having heard Sterling remind me several times, “You just tell me when and I will get the guys together,” I knew it had to happen.

The photo we wanted was a wide-angle composite of the Offensive line. It had to be from low and it had to make them look big. The final shot accomplishes that goal, but I know there are some alternate tricks that I would like to try.

We also took some other photos to celebrate the Marauders O-Line. Here are my top ten favourite images:

walking-line-one _ph20853 _ph20833 _ph20825 _ph20816 _ph20810 _ph20721 _ph20703line-standing-oneline-standing-one-web


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