15 minutes with Olympian Korey Jarvis

Last week we had a chance to photograph 2016 Olympian Korey Jarvis.

One of the nicest athletes I have ever met. A tough but kind and generous guy that routinely thinks of others.

Just a good dude, that takes the time to share his enthusiasm and love of the sport to others.

Backstory – I’ve known who he was for a number of years. I’ve seen him around, watched him wrestle, even taken his photo in action multiple times. In February 2016, Jarvis was at the 2017 OUA Wresting Championships at McMaster. He was running the Gryphon Social Media but took the time to speak with minor officials (all members of the Bishop Ryan Secondary School Wrestling team).

It is always a pleasure to meet with and work with champions of Canada and champions of life.

Here are five images:

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