That ride with Mustangs…

As the official photographer of Ontario University Athletics, we have the opportunity to meet and work with some incredible student-athletes. Future professionals in sport and in life and we are lucky enough to interact with them, showcase them, tell their stories and have lots of fun while we are at it.

This year was a very special year as the championship game for USports Football was held in our home town of Hamilton, ON. We were trusted with the task of capturing the Vanier Cup and surrounding party. It worked out even better as the OUA Champion Western Mustangs were playing. Our guys, the guys that we see every summer for promotional images, guys from the OUA were playing for a national title. We were going to be there.

Their opponent from Quebec or the RESQ conference was the defending USport Champions, Laval. They are an amazing program with talent, stacked on top of talent. They are the favourites in every match they play.

We were riding the Mustang wave, with a little help from our pals, access to the locker room before the game, and a personal relationship with many of the staff and players. One can only hope that the team you know is the victor.

As it would be, the Mustangs were able to dominate the game and we rode the Mustangs to some great before, during and after the game. I wonder why no one else joined us to photograph the party in the locker room?

Thanks for the great time boys, congratulations.

Here are our top ten favourite images from the game:

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