Braveheart – McMaster XC Style

Every fall or every other fall, the opportunity to photograph the OUA Cross Country Championships is provided to me. It is always a pleasure to see how many different photos I can take. It also provides a great reminder of the poor physical condition that I am in. Running to keep up and get ahead is a fun game.

Every championship, I notice that the McMaster XC team has a few particular fans (or non-participating runners). These teammates are always running around the course, smiling, cheering, waving their Marauder flag and providing encouragement. They also have a habit of taking a William Wallace approach to the running contest.

Here they are:


If you have made it this far, there is a special treat for you.

A young lady that runs with McMaster XC and is a budding photographer. Her name is Maxine Gravina. She takes cool photos and creates interesting videos in her spare time. Look her up on Facebook and she what she has posted recently.

Here is Maxine:




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