McMaster WVBALL Senior Athletes

As an assistant coach with the McMaster Women’s Volleyball team, I have been lucky to work with some inspiring young ladies. The 2015-16 season provided me the opportunity to work with three players in their fourth year of eligibility.

The twist of the shoot for this year was the last-minute, re-scheduled knee surgery for Alicia Jack. The shoot was scheduled in less than 24 hours after realizing that AJ wouldn’t be able to jump for another 6-10 months.

Grateful for the support of the athletes, coaches and of course the lead staff from McMaster Athletics and Recreation.

_PH14398_PH14410_PH14437_PH14605_PH14611_PH14739_PH14862Alicia Jack Composite-2Khira Adams compositeRebecca Steckle Composite

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