An afternoon with Devyani and Sekou.

There are a lot of areas in community and culture that I do not understand. Hurdles and fashion are two of those areas. My knowledge is as follows: Run fast, jump the barrier, repeat and with fashion – it comes down to what is comfortable and what team/event that I volunteered at gave me a t-shirt to go with my flip flops and shorts.

Which brings us to Devyani Biswal, a Usports sprint champion, fashion co-queen (she has a twin), and Sekou Kaba, an Olympic hurdler, photographer, fashionable dude and ‘big brother’ to the Biswal.

Both athletes train in Ottawa with the University of Ottawa and their track program. We were able to spend part of a day together trying to run Ottawa and take photos other than strobe lit, coming out of the starting blocks on a black background photos. We didn’t get much running action but we certainly had a good time.

Here are my top ten favourite images from the afternoon:

As always, such a great experience and pleasure to be around great people that want to create. I look forward to our next adventure in the nation’s capital as we create and support our current and future Olympians.

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